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General Rule

Carriers often have a General Rule coded that applies to all rules within a tariff. It is important to remember that by adding a category to a fare rule does not automatically exclude the General Rule that may also exist for that same category. In the category of the fare rule, the carrier must negate the general rule.

General Rule MPM1

Carriers who choose to use General Rule MPM1 must also send an email to using one of the following subject line headers. As all information that falls in the General Rule MPM1 is not automated data, the carrier must send an email so that a manual table within the Travelport 360 Fares system can be updated accordingly. In addition, carriers who alter any previous General Rule MPM1 information must send an email to advising of the adjustment.

Recommended Filing

Analysts should always check for a General Rule when coding a category in the Fare Rule. If the General Rule exists for that category, the fare rule must negate the General Rule if the intention is not to apply the data from the General Rule.

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