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Mars, Bars & Pars is dedicated to supporting the travel trade with streamlined process solutions. Our expertise in crafting bespoke scripts, smart buttons, custom check rules, Q Management, along with our traveller profile standard is tailored to optimize efficiency and functionality for all Travelport Galileo, SmartPoint users. Our team is committed to enhancing your travel business operations with innovative solutions that save time and boost productivity, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most.

What is a MAR, BAR or PAR ?

Queue Management

We have redesigned the Q structure so you can now manage 495 Native GDS users, and 1296 Non Native GDS users from a single PCC. 

Our Specialties 

"We recognize the intricate processes involved in navigating Travelport SmartPoint and Galileo Environments. Our team's cumulative 50 years of experience equips us to provide top-tier solutions. This expertise supports your agency, advisors, and clients in achieving optimal results."

BAR Profiles
(On Request)

Traveller Profiles

Scripts Writer Plus


Custom Check Rules

Traveller Profile

By utilizing all 200 lines in the PAR, our traveler profile standard streamlines your PNR creation process. It ensures that all necessary data is accurately transferred into each PNR on the first attempt, every single time. 

GDS Integrations

Our commitment is centred on enabling access and integration. We strive to guarantee that your agency, advisors, and clients enjoy comprehensive access to data, both shared by and with you, across every application essential to your daily business activities. By streamlining these processes, we can enhance the services you offer.
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 PayPal Checkout
 Stripe Elements
 Google Drive
 Google Maps
 Google Sheets
 Google reCAPTCHA
 Amazon S3
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