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Cat 10 – Combinations

Travelport 360 Fares is complaint with ATPCO Data application and IATA Resolution 017b for Cat10. Travelport do not maintain any Cat10 tables to manage combinations.

As per the IATA Resolution Advisory Working Group (RADWG) combinations template it is the responsibility of the Airline to control Cat10


RADWG Members,

The 2014 Composite meeting agreed, for effective 1 October 2015, to make the Normal Fare Open Jaw less restrictive to allow Origin Open Jaw in different countries. As the change to the normal fare open jaw processing results in making the process the same for both normal fares and special fares, definitions were combined for simplicity and Resolution 017b adjusted accordingly.

It was recognized that the agreed changes will have significant impact on pricing process; however, there are controls in place if the fares are appropriately coded, for example the combination category (cat. 10). To support airlines that need to review their coding to ensure that their fares are auto-priced as intended, a RADWG taskforce lead by ATPCO developed a template as attached that airlines can reference when coding their fares

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