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Cat 11 – Blackouts


In the absence of Category 11 (Record 2 for Category 11 did not exist or no Record 3 was applicable), the system assumption for Category 11 – Blackout Dates is that the fare is not subject to blackout dates. When the Blackout Dates Category is applicable, the assumption for applying the Blackout Dates restrictions is: the blackout date(s) applies to ‘The date of departure of all flights within the fare component’, and does not apply to any unticketed intermediate departures of a direct flight. The application of blackout dates may be further modified by the presence of a Geo Spec Table (bytes 27-

42), which will control where in the fare component, pricing unit, or journey the blackout restriction will be applied. A pricing unit only TSI or journey only TSI will override the assumption and apply the date restrictions to the pricing unit or journey. An Arrival TSI modifies the departure application to an arrival application. In addition, if validating a fare component with departing date(s) equal

to the blackout date(s) and the International Connection Waiver (byte 43) is set, validation is forced outside the fare component to determine if the fare component being validated is used in combination with an international fare component (see processing of byte 43 in section 4.1.3 of this document for further details).

Reconciliation between Footnote and Rule Levels

When a blackout restriction is defined both at the fare rule level and general rule level, all blackout date restrictions from both the fare

rule and general rule apply; unless the general rule is negated by Byte 102 on the Record 2.

When a blackout restriction is defined both at the footnote level and at the fare rule level (including general rule), blackout date

restrictions from all levels apply. All blackout restrictions defined in the footnote and fare rule (including general rule) must be

validated; unless further modified with byte 102General Rule Not Applicable at the fare rule level.

Travel Segment Indicators (TSIs)

Travel Segment Indicators in Category 11 – Blackout Dates are entered in the Between/And Geo Spec Tables (bytes 27-42) and are considered ‘match’ criteria. The geography specified by the TSI must be included within the fare component, pricing unit, or journey of the fare component being validated in order to match the Record 3 table. If the geography is not within the fare component/pricing

unit/journey, the data is considered a ‘no-match’ and processing should continue to the next table. If no further Tables or Sets, apply system assumption.

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