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Cat 27 – Tour Code

Tour Codes (type T)

Tour Codes can be filed in Category 27 – Tours or Category 35 – Negotiated Fares. If a single fare component contains a tour code in Category 27 and in Category 35, the tour code in Cat 35 takes precedence and will be used for ticketing. In a potential pricing solution with multiple fare components:

If carcode is filed, it would never appear on the e-ticket. To have the tourcode issued on eticket, it should be filed as TOUR/OTHER (and not CarCode).

    • Tour code conflicts within a single category will cause that solution to fail to quote. Meaning, that if the outbound has a tour code and the inbound has a different tour code, Travelport 360 Fares will not return the pricing solution.

It is important that you correctly file Tour Codes & Car Codes as a conflict will result in not being able to price

Travelport 360 Fares follows ATPCO data application for CAR/Tour codes. Check that you have the correct format selected for your required code

in the Type (byte 105) in Category 35

A common mistake is to select CAR/Value in the Type box as shown in the filing below.

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