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Cat 19 – Discounts (Child & Infant Pricing)

The Discount Categories (Categories 19-22) are used for creating a discounted fare within a single category. The creation occurs by either using a specific discounted fare amount or the information for calculating a discounted fare, as defined in a rule for a designated passenger type. All of the criteria are as follows:

  • type of passenger and age
  • fare on which to base the calculation
  • amount or percent to be charged
  • specifics of the resulting/calculated fare
  • accompanying travel requirements

If the category is not present or there are no provisions applicable to the given fare, either in the footnote, fare rule or general rule, then a discount does not apply to the fare being validated.


Base Fare : The fare from which a discount will be calculated in order to determine the created discounted fare.

Created Fare : The resulting fare that is determined after a discount is calculated from a base fare or a specified amount is applied.

Validated Fare : The published fare that is being processed against the Record 2 and 3 in order to determine if a discount is applicable.


In the absence of Category 19-22 (Record 2 for Category 19-22 does not exist or no Record 3 is applicable at the fare rule, footnote or general rule level), the system assumption for the Discount Categories is that there are no discounts for the validated fare.

Once Categories 19-22 are matched, the assumption is that the data is applied by fare component.

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