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Cat 14 – Travel Restrictions

Category 14 provides complete details regarding when travel must commence and by which time return travel must commence or be completed when using a certain fare. Travel dates listed in Category 14 should not be confused with the dates in Category 3 Seasonal Application. Only those dates filed in Category 3 Seasonal Application will be displayed in the tariff display.

Recommended Filing:

Category 3 was developed to specify the season of the year that travel is permitted. Carriers who wish to have the dates displayed in the tariff display must file their data utilizing Category 3 and not Category 14. It is recommended that carriers review their coding to ensure Category 3 and Category 14 are filed per their intent.

Travelport also recommends that carriers review ATPCO’s Category 3 and Category 14 documents that are available on their website if further information is required.

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