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Cat 25 – Fare By Rule

Carriers may use ATPCO automated Category 25 to create public or private world wide Fare by Rule fares for distribution, sales, and ticketing.

Customers can create selling fares based upon airline net fares. The net fares can be specified fares or net fares created using Category 25. The base fares referenced on the 989 Base Fare Table or the resulting Category 25 display must be C

Record 8

Record 8 is the starting point for the Fare by Rule process. It is the necessary link between a passenger’s itinerary and the matching Category 25 data. The data coded in the Record 8 MUST match the associated data coded in Category 25.

Each Record 8 ID must include:

  • Primary Passenger Type Code of resulting fares being created
  • Specific geography of resulting Category 25 fares being created
  • Directional indicator of resulting Category 25 fares (if applicable)
  • Account code of resulting Category 25 fares (if applicable)
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