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Cat 35 – Negotiated Fares

The Negotiated Fare Product brings organization and more control to the creation, distribution, and implementation of negotiated fares. The design utilizes the current fare system, Fare By Rule product (to include Record 8, Category 25 and Table Number 989), Category 35 – Negotiated Fare Restrictions, Security Table 983, and Fare Creator Table 979. The design enables a carrier to file negotiated fares based on specific markets or zones, with restricted sale and distribution. The negotiated fare has multiple fare levels associated to it: the net amount remitted to the carrier, the selling fare level, and the gross or ticketed fare level. In addition, the negotiated fare level has the associated commission and ticketing requirements for the fare.

This design includes utilizing both the current fare system and automated rules system to allow for the distribution of negotiated fares and rule provisions. Category 35 – Negotiated Fare Restrictions was created to accommodate this design. Category 35 holds all the Negotiated Fare Restrictions information for both filed negotiated fares and negotiated fares created through the Fare By Rule product. The Category includes these three parts:

1. Security (Table Number 983) – who can or cannot view, update, redistribute, sell, and/or ticket (including reissue) the negotiated fare after it has been distributed to the applicable subscribers.

2. Fare Calculation (Fare Creator Table Number 979) – the ability to create the other level of the fare (either Net Submitted Fare Amount or Selling Fare Amount).

3. Commission and Ticketing Requirements.

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