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Cat 13 – Accompanied Travel

The Accompanied Travel Category (Category 13) is used when travel with one or more other passengers is necessary to qualify for the fare. It may also include travel restrictions based on the portion(s) of a fare component where travel together is required and/or PTC/fare class/RBD of the accompanying passengers.

Although the title of Category 13 is Accompanied Travel, the category is used to express the requirements for the accompanying passenger(s) that must travel with the passenger associated to the fare that resolves to the Category 13 Record 2. Exception, the Maximum Number field (byte 62) is used to indicate when more than one accompanied passenger is permitted on the fare component being validated against the Category 13 Record 2

In order to validate Accompanied Travel (Category 13), it is essential to know:

  • Passenger types, ages, and the number of passengers accompanying the passenger on the fare component being validated.
  • All ticketed points and the pricing unit for the passenger being validated and for any accompanying passengers.
  • Fare class codes and RBDs for any accompanying passengers.
  • Passenger’s accompanied travel on the entire journey.


Accompanied Passenger : The passenger traveling at the fare component being validated against the Record 2 that requires travel with another passenger as specified in the Record 3.

Accompanying Passenger : The passenger specified in the Record 3 who is traveling with the passenger on the fare component being validated against the Record 2.


In the absence of Category 13 (Record 2 for Category 13 does not exist or no Record 3 is applicable at the fare rule or general rule level), the system assumption for the Accompanied Travel category is that accompanied travel is not required for the fare component being validated.

Unless specifically coded, an accompanying passenger’s fare does not have to be from the same rule,fare class, or in the same booking code as the fare created by Categories 19-22.

These fields are used to indicate accompanying travel requirements that must be met for the discounted fare. If these fields are not coded, then there are no travel together requirements. This could result in several errors for Galileo Web Services subscribers if the lowest applicable fares result in split bookings.

For those rules where accompanied travel is a requirement for fares created by Category 19-22, please verify the following sections within the category to ensure that the data is coded to meet with your intention.

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