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Unleashing Efficiency with Travelport SmartButtons

In today’s fast-paced travel industry, efficiency is key. That’s where Travelport SmartButtons come in, and at MarsBarsPars, we have honed our expertise to transform these tools into bespoke solutions for your agency. As professional SmartButton developers, we specialize in customizing SmartButtons to streamline and simplify the daily operations of travel agencies, ensuring seamless integration and maximum utility.

What Are Travelport SmartButtons?

SmartButtons are intuitive scripting tools that automate repetitive tasks and entries within the Travelport Smartpoint environment. By minimizing manual entries, these tools significantly reduce errors, increase transaction speed, and allow travel agents to focus more on providing top-notch customer service.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Integration: Seamlessly works within the Smartpoint interface, supported by MarsBarsPars’ expert customization.
  2. Customizable Scripts: Users can either utilize a graphical user interface for script creation or engage MarsBarsPars to tailor scripts directly through XML code for complex needs.
  3. Flexibility: From simple command sequences to intricate workflows involving variables and conditional logic, SmartButtons are adaptable to various tasks.
  4. Modes of Operation:
    • Easy Mode: Ideal for simpler scripts, focusing on basic features and controls.
    • Standard Mode: Enables more sophisticated scripting capabilities, suitable for complex operations and detailed customization by MarsBarsPars.

Benefits for Travel Agencies:

  • Enhanced Productivity: MarsBarsPars develops SmartButtons that automate routine tasks, freeing up agents to address more complex customer inquiries.
  • Improved Accuracy: Our custom SmartButtons reduce the likelihood of manual data entry errors.
  • Tailored Solutions: MarsBarsPars provides personalized script customization, enhancing workflow efficiency according to specific agency requirements.
  • Scalable Efficiency: Suitable for all sizes of travel agencies, from small firms to large enterprises, our SmartButtons solutions scale to meet diverse operational needs.

Get Started with Custom SmartButtons Today

Begin transforming your travel booking process with expertly crafted SmartButtons from MarsBarsPars. Access the SmartButtons Editor through the Smartpoint platform and discover how MarsBarsPars can enhance your operational efficiency.

Explore your possibilities with SmartButtons and let MarsBarsPars help you revolutionize your travel agency’s productivity.

Here’s a list of potential SmartButtons that could be created to enhance the efficiency of various processes within your travel agency:

  1. Flight Quick Book Button:
    • Automates the booking process for frequently travelled routes, filling in predefined data like destination, airline, and fare codes.
  2. Hotel Rate Comparison Button:
    • Retrieves and compares hotel rates across multiple suppliers, presenting the best available options in a single interface.
  3. Auto-Invoice Generation Button:
    • Generates invoices automatically once a booking is completed, integrating with financial software to streamline billing processes.
  4. Customer Loyalty Status Check Button:
    • Quickly checks the loyalty program status of a customer and displays available benefits or upgrades during the booking process.
  5. Travel Insurance Offer Button:
    • Offers travel insurance options based on the specifics of a customer’s itinerary, with the ability to add insurance directly to the booking.
  6. Seat Preference Automation Button:
    • Remembers and auto-fills passenger seat preferences for airlines, speeding up the seat selection process.
  7. Visa Requirement Checker Button:
    • Checks visa requirements for passengers based on their nationality and the destination country, ensuring compliance with international travel regulations.
  8. Weather Forecast Display Button:
    • Displays a weather forecast for the destination at the time of travel during the booking process, helping agents provide better travel advice.
  9. Emergency Contact Information Button:
    • Adds or updates emergency contact information in the booking file quickly, ensuring traveller safety.
  10. Flight Status Update Button:
    • Provides real-time updates on flight status, including delays, cancellations, and gate changes, helping agents keep travellers informed.
  11. Duplicate Booking Alert Button:
    • Checks for and alerts agents about potential duplicate bookings before finalizing a reservation, reducing errors and unnecessary costs.
  12. Group Booking Management Button:
    • Streamlines the process of managing group bookings by automating data entry for multiple passengers within the same booking.
  13. Fare Rule Summary Button:
    • Summarizes fare rules and restrictions for flights, helping agents provide clear and accurate booking information to customers.
  14. Sustainable Travel Options Button:
    • Identifies and highlights eco-friendly travel options, such as flights with lower carbon emissions or hotels with sustainability certifications.
  15. Currency Converter Button:
    • Quickly converts prices into the customer’s preferred currency, facilitating easier financial discussions and decisions.

These SmartButtons could be customized further based on specific agency needs, providing tailored solutions that automate repetitive tasks and enhance decision-making processes within a travel agency environment.


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