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In the intricate world of travel management, the process of inputting traveller data into Global Distribution Systems (GDS) like Travelport can often be time-consuming and complex. Recognizing this challenge, our service offers a ground breaking solution that markedly simplifies and streamlines this task. Leveraging a specially developed PAR (Passenger Name Record Architecture) standard tailored for the Travelport GDS, our platform transforms the traditional data entry process into a seamless and efficient experience. This innovation is particularly vital for those who regularly grapple with the intricacies of GDS systems, providing a much-needed bridge between detailed traveller profiles and the rigid data structures of GDS entries.

At the heart of our service is the Freemium edition, designed to democratize access to this advanced functionality. It allows users to create comprehensive traveller profiles that seamlessly conform to our unique PAR standard. This edition not only serves as an introduction to our platform’s capabilities but also offers an invaluable tool for independent travel advisors, SME travel agencies, and consortia. By utilizing our Freemium service, users can effortlessly generate full profiles and translate them into the precise format required by the Travelport GDS. The result is a significant reduction in manual data entry, errors, and time spent, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy in travel management.

The Freemium Edition we offer is entirely free for use by Independent Travel Advisors, Travel Agencies, and Travel Consortia. To gain access to our traveler profile generator, all we need are your contact details and your consent for occasional contact regarding new products and services designed to assist the travel industry. Rest assured, your details will remain confidential and will never be sold. They will be used exclusively by MarsBarsPars Limited and our direct partners who have contributed to the development of our software

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