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Building upon the solid foundation of our Premium edition, the Agency edition of our service elevates the Travelport GDS data entry process to new heights, specifically catering to the demands of larger travel agencies. This edition incorporates all the advantages of the Premium offering, with significant enhancements that are particularly beneficial for those navigating the complexities of GDS systems on a larger scale.

A standout feature of the Agency edition is the inclusion of multiple user accounts – up to three user accounts plus one admin account. This functionality addresses the collaborative needs of larger agencies, allowing for a more distributed approach to travel management. Different team members can access, manage, and input data, fostering a more efficient workflow and enabling agencies to handle higher volumes of work simultaneously.

Moreover, the Agency edition significantly expands the depth of each traveller profile. Each profile can now include information for up to two passports, and five membership numbers for various service providers – encompassing airlines, car hire companies, and hotels. This expanded capacity allows travel agencies to create more comprehensive and detailed profiles, ensuring that all relevant traveller information is captured and easily accessible. This is especially useful for agencies managing frequent travellers or clients with diverse and complex travel needs.

These enhancements in the Agency edition are not just about adding more features; they’re about offering a solution that comprehensively understands and addresses the intricate requirements of larger travel agencies. With the ability to manage more detailed profiles and accommodate multiple users, agencies can significantly streamline their operations. The process of entering and managing data in the Travelport GDS becomes less of a burden and more of a seamless, integrated part of their service offerings. As a result, agencies can focus more on delivering personalized, efficient travel experiences to their clients, backed by the robust support of a system that simplifies and optimizes every aspect of GDS data management.

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