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About Our Services

Q1: What are the core offerings of Mars, Bars, Pars? A1: We specialize in Advanced GDS Scripts with offerings including Custom Script Solutions, Script Bundles, a Freemium Model, and Pay-Per-Use Options.

Q2: What types of subscription and membership options are available? A2: We offer various subscription tiers, including Single Membership for limited script access and Agency Membership for comprehensive access. Our pricing models are dynamic, adapting to usage and client size.

Q3: How do Mars, Bars, Pars scripts enhance efficiency in travel planning? A3: Our scripts automate many aspects of travel planning, significantly reducing time and effort while ensuring expertise and reliability.

Privacy and Data Handling

Q4: How does Mars, Bars, Pars protect my personal data? A4: We prioritize data safety, employing robust security measures and conducting regular security audits. We are committed to responsible data handling and comply with relevant data protection regulations.

Q5: What type of personal data do you collect, and why? A5: We collect data like contact details, passport information, and bank details for customer administration, and similar data for supplier and business partner interactions.

Q6: Will my personal data be shared with third parties? A6: Yes, but only as necessary for business operations, like booking travel services. We limit disclosure to protect your privacy.

Website and Cookie Usage

Q7: Why does Mars, Bars, Pars use cookies on their website? A7: Cookies enhance your browsing experience by remembering your preferences, providing personalized content, ensuring website security, and aiding in relevant advertising.

Q8: Can I control the use of cookies on A8: Absolutely. You have complete control over cookies through your browser settings. Disabling cookies may affect site functionality.

Q9: What should I do if I have concerns about my data or want to access it? A9: You can contact our Data Protection Officer at or via mail for any data-related concerns, including accessing, rectifying, or erasing your data.

General Queries

Q10: How does Mars, Bars, Pars handle international data transfers? A10: We transfer data internationally as needed for travel arrangements, ensuring secure transfers through standard contracts or Privacy Shield agreements. You can opt-out of international transfers at the time of booking.

Q11: How can I manage my data and privacy preferences with Mars, Bars, Pars? A11: You can manage your preferences by contacting our Data Protection Officer or adjusting settings in your account. You also have the right to object to certain data processing activities.

Q12: Are there any resources for understanding Mars, Bars, Pars’s services better? A12: Yes, we offer advanced onboarding with interactive tutorials and virtual guides, along with a community platform for user interaction and feedback.

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