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Traveller Profiles – Premium Edition

Our Premium edition, priced at an accessible $99 per month, is meticulously designed to cater to the dynamic needs of active travel advisors and small agencies in the realm of GDS data management. This advanced tier of our service not only allows the creation of detailed traveler profiles using our specialized PAR standard for the Travelport GDS, but it also brings an elevated level of convenience and efficiency. A key feature of the Premium edition is the capability to submit these precisely formatted profiles directly to a registered email account. This ensures that users have immediate and organized access to their data, streamlining the process of managing GDS entries and enhancing overall productivity.

Adding to the robustness of the Premium edition is the optional Google Sheets integration. For a one-time setup fee, users can unlock this powerful add-on, enabling the seamless transfer of profile data and associated codes directly into their Google Sheets account. This integration revolutionizes how travel data is managed, offering the familiarity and flexibility of spreadsheet tools to organize, analyze, and deploy the information effectively. The absence of recurring charges for this add-on makes it an exceptionally valuable tool for those who frequently interact with large volumes of data, providing a cost-effective solution to integrate sophisticated data handling into everyday operations.

With the capability to handle up to 100 profiles per month, the Premium edition is ideally suited for professionals who are heavily engaged in travel management and require a reliable, streamlined solution for handling GDS entries. This tier is specifically tailored to reduce the manual workload associated with data entry, freeing up valuable time for travel advisors and agencies to focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients. By offering such advanced features and integrations, our Premium service stands as a pivotal resource in the travel industry, enabling professionals to navigate the complexities of GDS systems with ease and efficiency.

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